For 13 years black has been a staple in all of our travel and homewares collections. Season upon season, designs incorporating classic black have been a solid favourite amongst our customers. And, why not? Black does not date, black is classy, elegant and practical.


We have now extended this offering to a new range of patterns that incorporate matching shades of black and creme, with black trims and alternate black and creme enamel hardware, curated with a beautiful colour palette that splashes stunning shades of pinks, deep berries, peaches and forrest greens. 

This collectable mix is seeing customers choose different items in different patterns when so many beautiful patterns are hard to choose between...mixing and matching for a personal collection that creates a feeling of being organised and inspired. 

Canada 2020.jpg
                    LONDOT DOT                                             DOT CREME                                                ROSE LUXE                                                    ROSE CREME
Pattern Collection.jpg
COMING SOON (please check with your regional distributor for offerings)